Aims and Objectives

One of the main lessons learnt from TB history is that TB control works better when based on a strategic combination of socioeconomic and public heath interventions. This is confirmed by contemporary surveillance data and ecological studies suggesting that changes in TB incidence is still more strongly correlated to socioeconomic indicators, rather than the performance of TB control programs, based on case finding and treatment [Dye et al, 2009; Oxlade et al, 2009].

Progress towards TB elimination depends on our capacity to address the social determinants of TB and in particular to conjugate “[…] both public health interventions to tackle specific TB risk factors and high level political decisions to reduce poverty and promote social protection, education and empowerment” [Lonnroth et al, 2010]. However, practical ideas for action are still scarce.

As part of the strategy to contribute towards and generate knowledge on the social epidemiology of TB and promote innovative ideas to impact the social determinants of TB we have developed this website. On this portal you will find research data, literature, information about events, existing projects and protocols for new studies as they become available.